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Officer Safety

With you on that 100%. With the serious training issues that have been discovered at Leland PD, it makes total sense that there needs to be a virtual army of Leland cops present for even the most routine of incidents. Parking ticket? Call for backup. 13 year old detained by Wal-Mart security for trying to swipe a watch, call in a K9 unit - oops, oh wait... They don't have that anymore, either because the dog mis-documented his training records too!

I understand for that there is sometimes a need for additional resources for traffic issues, but properly trained officers from other agencies seem to be able to handle routine issues on a solo basis, but Leland is just the opposite.

This police department seems to do everything in a way that just leaves questions. They have completely abandoned the concept of routine patrols. I can't tell you when the last time I saw a Leland cop drive through my neighborhood just as a routine patrol. They have plenty of time to sit out on 17 / 74 / 76 running radar. They also seem to have no issue wasting our money continuously buying new vehicles of every type imaginable. While an agency like Wilmington drives their cars until they really need to be replaced, LPD just keeps adding to their car lot on Platinum Way. As an example, Today, with the parade where they had to call in Brunswick sheriffs department, and Wilmington PD for assistance, and they appear to have every cop doing traffic control on Village rd., there's STILL nine LPD cars sitting in their lot. Not old Junkers, but very new mustangs and chargers.

Those cars might be remnants from the cops that quit or got fired, but that seems to be a huge number of vacant cars for a PD for a town of Leland's size.


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