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Sidenote.. I know somebody that knows Ms Cox personally

and trust me my sources are airtight. Poor Tim would crap a pantload if he knew exactly who my sources were.. They are/were a lot closer then you think my dear soon to be ex-chief.. BTW I havent had a chance to listen to Blueline radio have they delved into this mess yet, heck Marc Benson would be a huge improvement over General Jayne.. PS.. when you have a force of only 30 officers its common for the Police chief to wear military Colonol Brass not 4 stars. Its generally accepted practice that only large departments wear 4 star brass like NYPD due to the advanced heirarchy. Basically the cheif wears the collar pins of the highest rank just above his second in command normally which is usually in most depts major or LTC (gold oakleaf) brass. The 4 star thing alone is an ego thing.. To give you a good example of how overkill this is I did some research. A large metropolitan police department in Northern VA which covers just under 400 sq miles and is responsible for over 1 MILLION residents even their cheif wears Colonel Collar Brass as their deputy chiefs all wear Gold OakLeaf brass and this Department has 3 Deputy Cheifs and I believe the sworn officer number is approaching 1000 but yet Chief Jayne thinks he needs 4 star brass of a Full General to make his point. Also looking online it appears the Chief of the Raleigh Police Dept wears a single star for collar brass so again adds to the point that the collarbrass is way over the line for Chief Jayne as again I believe Standard Military 0-6 (Eagle) brass would suffice as it does for many departments much larger then little Leland PD


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