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Hey Coultergeist, I'm

Hey Coultergeist, I'm curious! He's been arrested many times you say. How many? What is a "validated" gang member? How do you know? Did you witness an initiation ritual?

Here are some suggestions to solve your gang problem.

First, there aren't enough wealthy lily-white drug consumers in prison. Once you remove the customer base, a business usually goes under, unless of course "pure and righteous" white folks have a stake in the cash being collected.

Second, if you really want to get rid of the "ghetto" you have to give these young people a real stake in our economy. Young people who sense they have a future are not ordinarily out after hours robbing folks.

Third, wake up to the fact that the first tenth of the twenty-first century is behind us. Your 'good old days' are history. Reading what some of you have to say I am at a loss to figure out which good old days you really want to bring back. Not sure if it's the Confederate States of America or the Third Reich.


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