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Lets play that old southern racist game called Tag! You're it!

A lot of you "bloggers" just sit around and wait on articles from WWAY about black people. You argue how you are so "justified" in your postings about how the clerk should defend himself and his property but however I noticed on the Virginia Tech story where a white man killed an OFFICER of the law, ZERO COMMENTS. Why is that? its crime, right? oh thats right, its a white man so it dosen't count. He had "problems" I'm sure or needed someone to talk to. Nothing like what black people go through. A white man can go on a shooting spree once again but no outrageous cry of "shoot kim, kill him, etc"..WWAY should do a story on how racist wilmington is. You guys pick and choose only black stories to comment on and express your anger at guns and safety. Whats that old saying about the pot calling the kettle black, it must have originated in Wilmington. (Lets see if Scott will post this comment)


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