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Guest 228, you are

Guest 228, you are positively right in your assessment. Attacks against African Americans are palpably more intense than against Whites on this board. Somewhere in this collection of posts an individual claimed that there were also attacks against the White kid who attempted to break into the police officer's truck. True enough, there were some coarse words but nowhere near the calling to "shoot to kill". I guess there are those who believe that two wrongs make a right.

228, you make very legitimate points that racism is alive and well right here in dear old Wilmington. The only argumentation I see here is that some of your opponents shout "racist" back at you, but they epically fail to refute your premise.

I sometimes wonder how a black person can even retain composure when the logic that the Civil War was fought to protect "states rights" gets spewed. States' rights to do what? Enslave people??


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