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Tired of the lack of Police Quality in Southport

Let me just say this! I live in Southport and have lived here for about 12 years. I have met a few of the police officers on the force in this town and a few of them are legit people but for the most part they are incompetent to say the least. For example, about an hour before the robbery occurred, about a few blocks away on Howe Street I drove by 3 police cars and 3 cops standing around just chatting like they don't have a thing to do. Well, guess what, an hour later and only a few blocks away the First Citizens Bank is robbed. Guess what, just a couple of months ago the same thing. Cops everywhere in the vicinity all over the place just chilling and voila the First Federal Bank is robbed and the suspect is not caught. I have been pulled in this town twice in the past 3 years for speeding 3 miles over the speed limit and robberies are going on and nobody is being caught. The police force in this town is a joke! Take a look at some of these officers too and you will see that they couldn't possibly chase an assailant for more than 10 yards because they are morbidly obese. What in the hell is going on in this town. Message to the SOUTHPORT POLICE, get off your arse and do your damn job! You are pathetic. Your k-9 units couldn't track these two suspects, you couldn't track the suspects, the sheriffs around here couldn't track them and even the air support came up empty! TWO WORDS, absolutely pathetic! Oh and another thing, a $1000 reward! LMAO, what a joke! This two robberies now folks and these two jokers are probably part of all of the home breakins here in Southport and in Oak Island! Damn, I'm tired of it.


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