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Finally, A New Day For BSL!

Ms. Thur, Mr. and Ms. Yarolin, Mr. Ledbetter and your very few friends. Today a brand new board of commissioners voted 5-0 to support the General Statutes of N.C. There vote did not in any way support any political position or agenda. It in fact gave no power to anyone at all that did not already have that power, UNDER THE LAW!

My hat is off to all 5 that voted according to their oath to uphold the law and not with some political agenda and/or favoritism. Your wild claims are listened to by very few and that is a very good thing for our community. How long are you going to continue to make total fools of yourselves in an effort to reverse the wishes of the vast majority here in BSL?

There are no entitlements for you here in BSL. You get what you work for and earn. Your continued negative attacks that have earned you only the disdain of the vast majority of citizens is what you have reaped for your efforts. Is it not time for you to lower your flag and work with and for the community instead of against the same. Politically do you not understand the leader elected by the majority is what they mandate and the mandate you have to work with? And if denied a job by your own doing, why would you blame others for your own actions? Are you so narrow minded that you would rather be viewed as destructive rather than productive citizens in this city?

Stay on your path and further alienate yourself from your neighbors or choose a new path to walk and go about moving forward in a productive fashion. Bring your ideas and thoughts to the city and debate with real facts rather than sour grapes. Or, find yourselves lonelier and lonelier as time marches on without you.


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