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4 A Free BSL

The claims were listened to very few because the majority of the people here, starting with the mayor, are gutless! The mayor ran from one of the people who wanted to talk face to face at one of the meetings because he was afraid. Gutless!
Destruction has nothing to do with it. Mr. Yarolin was standing up for his right because he isn't a gutless fool. No one in the world is perfect and as a kid, he made a mistake. Should it be held against him all of his life? According to the mayor it should be. But the mayor has also made BIG mistakes in his adult life, and you people dont seem to mind at all....or you are gutlessly afraid of him!
I am not sure what path you are walking, but the one I am on looks pretty shabby. Nothing has been done in his years of office to better anything here! Nothing! Even when he was asked what he has done to improve or benefit the city, he couldn't answer. I was there. I heard his silence.
The water department is gone (a money maker.) There are roads that are not paved, roads that are without street lights (not safe!), no sidewalks, no nothing!
Must be the neighbors are satisfied with the way things are.....or gutless! Yes, you reap what you sow...they voted him in and they have to live with the consequences, too, as do we. Good going, gutless people. Hope all your wishes for a better city come true!


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