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More Name Calling and Ranting and No facts..AGAIN!

You are so very pitiful. Now you expand your name calling past the mayor and insult the majority of citizens here in BSL. How many people in this town do you believe have a care for you or your opinions when you state, "...the majority of the people here,...are gutless!"

You take not even one ounce of personal responsibility as you continue to blame others for the results of illegal actions taken by an individual years ago. You ignore the fact that two years ago the same attacks (just put forward by others) were unsuccessfully used against the mayor and are now somehow surprised they did not work, AGAIN! You put up huge and slanderous signs and you just don't understand or will admit, you and your signs were ignored and you even went so low as to involve small children by decking them out with slanderous words and having a huge idiot in a bunny suit dance around pointing to his rear end IN FRONT OF A CHURCH!

Once again you tried to do your dastardly deeds and between you and other rumor mongers once again you brought the press into our city under the guise of yet one more of your lies. Of course, they found out there was no story here and the this last week, where were your TV friends but off chasing real news and not pretend news.

Your latest poorly thought out rant talks about the water department, roads and streetlights. You just do not have a clue what you are talking about at all and it is evident so you deserve not time with an answer there.

One thing all could agree with you on. The road you walk on is shabby alright. It is the road you built and the road you choose to be on. And as far as wishes for a better city, the people a majority that is have directed this city and not you few scandalous dregs. Don't forget, it is the exact same majority that your own recent words insulted. You will continue to reap the rewards of a very uncaring and bad citizen. Well you care a great deal for self but have no thought or feelings of citizenship or neighbor.


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