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Funny? or....Expensive?

Some may indeed find it funny that Ms. T said, "every job he has ever had, he has left in shambles". Of course those with the destructive rhetoric will but also others may find it funny also. For example, if she ends up in court with a slander case against her! Then she indeed may find those words to be the most expensive she has ever uttered from her mouth. "He who laughs last laughs loudest!" And if you are new indeed, how would you know, "...the Yarolins have not written any of the statements some of you think they wrote." Unless of course you are one of them and are just now making your first post.

The 'on camera', 'off camera' rhetoric is just that, more of the same rhetoric that is being spewed by the very few that just can not get over the choice of the majority in the recent elections. Reality check here, two men chose to compete for the privilege and duties of being the Mayor of Boiling Spring Lakes. Only one could win and that was Richard White. Caster, it seems has a healthy grasp on that and has displayed due respect for the decision of the people by their vote and the due respect to the elected mayor. It also seems so has the vast majority of Caster's supporters as they too accept the democratic process. It seems only a very small minority including a close relative that just can not get over it and allow the city to move forward with those that have been duly elected. And while Ms. Yarolin keeps bringing negative attention to her husband, Ms. Caster is doing the very same to hers. Ladies, (?) get off your soap boxes and allow your husbands to be the men they are and not what you want them to be.

It is past time for all the whining to end and the working together to begin. Just saying....

If you confess your sins before God and ask for forgiveness, you are forgiven! Right here at Christmas we would all do well to recognize the gift given to us that we certainly have not earned or owed and only by grace can obtain. These things are God's to give and he has offered them to all men through his Son. So certainly, if the grown man dressed as a bunny, pointing to his rear in front of a church and if the adults that dressed the children in the slanderous clothes have asked for forgiveness, it is given. Not by anyone of us but by the Lord alone. We are also instructed to pay our debts. "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's". So, is an apology to the church and the community owed? Again, just saying.....


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