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Why the water is contaminated

My late grandfather used to drive a Texaco fuel truck out of Fayetteville,N.C during the 50's and 60's and told me as a young man how the fuel was handled.He would show up on the base and ask where the fuel was to go.He was told to open up his valves and dump it along the road as he drove.He was told it was not necessary for the fuel to be deposited and stored in a proper container.He was dumbfounded by the request but complied with their demands.At the time, he figured the military had integrity and there was no reason to question their demand.He told me this story during the early 80's before his passing.I thought it was quite odd but never gave it much thought over the years until people started speaking of contaminated drinking water.A year ago, I was speaking with a co-worker of mine about military procurement and their wasteful approach.He told me of a family member, who had interaction with the military as well.He told me of their procurement of railcars full of supplies that were not needed.They buried the railcars full of their content under the ground.Therefore, it all now adds up to why there is contamination of the water supply.The military was trying to spend all the money budgeted for each fiscal year whether they needed the supplies or not.Also, during this time period, people were ignorant about the environmental impacts of their incompetent actions.


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