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One bit of advice for those

One bit of advice for those who use electric heaters. Make sure the prongs on the plug of the heater are clean and shiny. If not, take a piece of fine sandpaper and polish them. Make sure the plug fits reasonably tight into the wall recepticle. If it is loose, arcing will result, just like an arc welder, but on a smaller scale. This creates the heat that can start a fire. Replace the recepticle. After the heater has been on a half hour, unplug it and feel the prongs. If they are hot enough that they burn your finger....there is a problem. Being warm is normal, but hot is dangerous. Don't plug but one heater in on any one circuit. I never use over 1500 watts on a 15 amp service. On a 20 amp, probably 1800 watts, but the touch test still applies. If a circuit is overloaded, usually a breaker will trip. If there is a loose connection, there is a good chance of a fire before it will trip a breaker. Remember..if the plug is getting hot..there is a problem. Turn the appliance off and leave it off until the priblem can be found. Have a safe Christmas.


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