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Of course they doubt it

They arent going to admit that the same week they put in new equiptment it failed miserably. Truth be told they could be correct it could in fact be a screwup by the telco in routing if there was a change to any programming or that the system got overloaded by the multiple phone calls from one local area could have caused the local loop to fail.. (Many who dont know that PSAP (public saftey answering points) are setup that the local telco is supposed to route the 911 call to the proper county agency upon dialing in fact its supposed to be so instantaneous thats why you cant hang up on 911 if you dial by accident they will know (thanks to good ole caller id that shows your address if by landline and your approx location by cell). It could have been a glitch between also the telco and the PSAP which is most likely the answer and if so the telco has some big explaining to do and could face legal liability (and with much deeper pockets then CoCo would have no choice but to settle the liability in this case). Im not advocating a lawsuit Im simply pointing out facts.. As a former Emergency worker and having worked in a system that was literally in transtion from a 7 digit number process for each department to a central 911 system trust me things can get fubared and usually its the telco that is responsible in the end when 911 calls disappear in oblivion.


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