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"he first denied that anything happened "

He denied that anything happened?
Better get a grip bud, don't lie to the press.
Strike one!

"he said Sykes was being disruptive and disrespectful to the chair"

People don't like it when you slide out the back door, unwilling to speak to citizens or press. It kinda looks bad on your character.
Strike two!

But, these are the people running things. Maybe it's time he stepped down, and let someone who will conduct themselves properly.

If he's unwilling to step down, SOMEONE STEP HIM DOWN. Fire his sorry clown a@@ and get someone willing to do the business at hand instead of coordinating his getaway to avoid cameras.

A change of leadership in social services is demanded. There needs to be an audit of his department, complete with citizenship determinations of recipients of services.
Strike three! Oh yea, there's money going to illegals.

Where will he hide then? Not in the public sector!


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