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As I recall

There were issues of conflict of interest of Mr Warren serving concurrently on both boards to begin with and it was brought up by the Brunswick County Board and Warren accused them of racism. (it seems if you question an African-American Politician thats their answer, if we dont like it its racism which is 99% of the time not the case). Mr Warren needs to be reminded of the public meetings law and as such he was in violation of it. Would seem to me that Mr Warren seems to subscribe to the same mentality of Chief Jayne in Leland that the law doesnt apply to them like it does everybodyelse.. DSS in Brunswick County has some serious issues not the least of which is the supposed PRTF in Leland for teens that has violated DSS rules in the past itself and yet continues to function with impudence despite Class A violations with max 10k fines being recieved for abuse by staff members against the kids in that facility (and has staff members with known felony records as well as people who work as jailers at legit correctional facilities and have treated the kids as prisoners and criminals instead of those who need legitimate help) Its too bad DSS wont investigate the issues in that facility that should be shut down and such (if any have seen the report on 48hrs regarding children been force fed medications and ended up with serious problems and misdiagnosed and once they are taken off all the pyschotropic meds they are fine but DSS would rather medicate and keep them drugged vs appropriate pyschotherapy because its simply cheaper.. Go to Google and look it up was on about a week ago its a crime whats happening to kids "in the system" these days.


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