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The report vs recommendations dont match

First off the admitted caused was texting while driving which is banned in most states already. Using Hands free devices are no different then talking to somebody in the car so unless your going to ban verbal communication while somebody is driving then the logic makes no sense. Also I mean if they are worried about electronic devices being a hazzard while were at it I guess we should remove all Radios, GPS devices or anythingelse that might distract drivers.. (sarcasm intended). I mean seriously folks.. This is getting to be stupid nannystatism. I agree texting while driving is totally unsafe and uncalled for which is what caused this wreck and has many others.. but handsfree talking as I stated before is no more unsafe then talking to somebody in the car and therefore what needs to be done has already been done which is making texting while driving illegal. Start holding people accountable for their actions.. You do it and your seen you get charged with reckless driving. If your in a wreck its an automatic suspended license for minimum 30days if its found you are texting while driving (isnt hard to find out either).. Lets deal with the real issues instead of trying to regulate us to death and treat us like little kids which is what this report amounts to..


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