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Nobody will read your rambling book of crap....

...that you use in an armless attempt to justify the rediculous practice of texting while driving. You can come up with enough excuses to rival the thickness of "War and Peace" and it will never justify the first death related to texting while in a moving vehicle.

It's just Simple, Stupid. Since you IDIOTS that text and drive at the same time don't have the cognizant ability to make rational decisions and have consideration for their fellow human beings behind the wheel, laws must be enacted to regulate that behavior. It is already well-known that texters are by far the easiest target for those that are looking for easy money on an insurance claim. These NTSB, DOT and DMV decisions are based on YOUR behavior and the relative consequences of death and injury. Key words, "YOUR BEHAVIOR"! People have had enough of this idiocy and are rallying to put a stop to it!

Oh, and here's a little tip for you. Go spend a few years in law school, even a cheap, back of the matchboook correspondence law school...something...anything. Your book of toilet sludge you posted is nothing more the ramblings of a pissed off anarchist that finds he may, ONCE held accountable. Imagine that? Responsibility is a bitch isn't it?


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