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I don't think you will ever be able to ban the use but I hope people will wise up and be more thoughtful about the way they use it while driving. As long as we have people with the "I am more important than anyone else" mentality, you will never stop it. People who text while driving are selfish and uncaring about those around them. I have never texted, don't text, and have no plans on texting. It is not something I want to do. I figure that if what I say is important enough to hear, I can call.

I will say this. I have been in some near misses with others that are on cell phones, and if I am in an accident with someone that is using the phone, and they don't seriously injure me, or kill me, the police are going to wonder how that person's cell phone ended up in their ear because that is where I am going to put it!


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