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Seems to me that the occupy

Seems to me that the occupy protestors have done nothing but hurt this country. They have shown the world that the US is not as stable and confident as we used to be. They showed that we too have people who wish for anarchy and complain over nothing. They are showing the world that we too are weak and can be influenced by idiots.

See, here is the problem. We don't have a dictator. We aren't under some sort of military rule that needs to be overthrown. Our protestors are the over privilaged who feel cheated because they aren't making 100k a year. They are the ones who are used to getting everything handed to them, have been pushed out into the real world, and now want everything else paid for by the government. Our protestors are not freedom fighters, they are not fighting for a greater good. Instead they are asking the government to become the type that other countries fight against.

Such stupidity should not be awarded, especially not tolerated.


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