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The Authority Board Nazis

No bonus for you!

The reality of this for CFPUA employees, no one is the least bit surprised. When your Board is comprised primarily of politicians and their lackeys with no particular loyalty to the staff, this is just political expediency in action. How would Catlin explain this when he runs for State office?

There were about 318 employees when CFPUA was formed...there are now about 270, plus or minus a few. The workload hasn't diminished one bit -- it has only increased.

The comp and class study is a fools errand. Some may see more money, (senior execs is where my money is) but not all. A bonus might have, at least, been equitable.

For those of you who will pipe in, I can count about a dozen employees who left for greener pastures and more money or just prematurely jumped into their retirement. Market forces are in effect. Those that left, left with skills that aren't easily replaced.

Ol' Matt and the Board are going to feign surprise...but as Ron Sparks put it...there are a number of folks that are waiting for the first smoking train out of here.

Bet on it.


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