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In response to the article regarding the decision of the CFPUA Board to deny staff bonuses, shame on you. The staff of CFPUA has worked hard and with no reward since the inception of CFPUA in July 2008. The morale of the staff is horrible and your actions certainly contribute to the negativity and are doing nothing to resolve the issue. There was just an article in the paper a few days ago regarding the cutbacks and monies saved from unfilled positions, etc. I believe it was stated that there was a $5 million dollar surplus and you can't find it in yourselves to provide your staff with Christmas bonuses that wouldn't even amount to more than $200,000? Kudos to the two board members who disagreed with your decision, too bad the rest of the Board doesn't understand the reality and repercussions of your decision. At this time, employees are leaving CFPUA at a high rate and after this, will continue to do so and who can blame them? The economy has been tough for everyone, but somehow the County, City and various counties surrounding New Hanover have been able to acknowledge their staff and show their appreciation. Most of the employees of CFPUA were pulled from good jobs with the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County and unfortunately for them, they have come out on the losing end of this deal. Shame on everyone of you!


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