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As a former resident of WIlm and CPFUA Customer

It amazes me is that now living in Leland we dont pay for Trash service like CFPUA and we dont have the water issues and believe me H2GO isnt exactly dealing with a new system either here in the county.. Just amazes me how Brunswick can provide the same services (sans the thugs in the Leland PD) for less money in a much larger service area then NHC/Wilm.. To me it reeks as usual of financial mismanagemnt of the highest order. Reality is CFPUA needs to fix their system before they go handing out extra money when people keep getting bent over by ever increasing rates. I lived in the city one year and my bills did nothing but go up, if an electric company did what CFPUA did they woulda been slapped down by the state for the repeated rate increases. To me since CFPUA is a PUBLIC UTLITY the individuals allowing the repeated rate increases need to demand accountability. BTW to those workers who are whining about their pay I guarantee your making more then you would in other places so quit your complaining because Im sure they could find somebody to replace ya in a heartbeat for 1/3 less then your making now.


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