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One problem

Its we Christans who are being discriminated against repeatedly. We are condemed for prayer in school, condemned for the 10 commandments in any display that might 'offend' somebody. (Personally the 10 commandments arent about any specific religion but should be the basis for any sense of moral compass since it speaks of the basic of our criminal code regarding murder, theivery, etc).. We the Christian majority are sick and tired of having to placate everybodyelse for fear of offending somebody. Im all for freedome of religion but it seems anymore its freedom for all religions except for those who are Christians and enough is enough... Its ok for Muslims to block the road in NYC to pray without any legal consequences (which is legitmately illegal as its blocking traffic) but somebody puts up a nativity scene and the ACLU is screaming it violates the 1st Amendment. The 1st Amendment simply states the Government shall not specify any religion to be a state religion it does not make religious displays ILLEGAL.


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