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Then speed up your exit!

They are in line, 100 deep waiting to take the jobs you whine about! In this economy, anyone is lucky to have a job. Bonus? HA! Raise? HA! Public Sector, Private Sector...all the same, trying to find ways to cut costs and expenses.

Until we can get the "Annointed One" out of the White House, turn this economy around and start putting a little money BACK into the American peoples pockets, nobody is going anywhere except further down. I don't care what the media tries to convince you of, this economic downturn is not over by a long shot!

So...if you don't like your job and are fed up due to the lack of a bonus or a raise, then figure out another way to pay your mortgage, car payment, insurance, taxes, feed your kids, etc. and let someone in that will appreciate a paycheck and take some pride in their work!


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