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this is definitley a case of the peasants turning on each other

This is definitely a case of the peasants turning on each other in bad times. While we argue about whether or not our fellow citizens get a marginal increase the "guys at the top" continue along their merry way and get away with saying "gee, I have no idea where the $1.2 billion dollars went" before Congress with a straight face and they expect to get away with it. They do get away with criminal thievery at the top every day because we are arguing over crap like this. Why attack the grunts at the bottom of the totem pole when they have a bone thrown their way? If you got a raise/found a great high paying job/found any job you certainly would not appreciate anyone else making such nasty comments and displaying such petty jealousy at every turn, would you?

The Authority is suffering from a criminal lack of moral leadership/cronyism and completely ineffective and incompetent public relations.


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