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I'm sure that the employees

I'm sure that the employees that you say got $8,000 raises are higher in the food chain and probably aren't so concerned about the lack of a Christmas bonus. It's the employees who do the hard work at the company who didn't fair so well and these are the ones who take issue with not receiving the bonuses. Unfortunately, these are the same people who keep the Authority in business, they are the ones doing all of the manual labor, who are called out into the middle of the night to correct issues, etc. It seems that everyone is so upset with the "Authority" itself that they are losing sight of the people at the bottom, who are doing all of the work, getting no raises and yes, paying the same high rates that you do. Whether it's the Authority, County, City or private sector, I'm all for people being acknowledged/appreciated for their hard work. Let's face it, the $200,000 that could have gone for Christmas bonuses is a just a drop in the bucket for the Authority and you're rates are certainly not going to go down because they've chosen not to give the bonuses. After many years of furlough with the County, being able to finally get the money back that we lost and the possibility of merit/bonuses was great for morale. It showed appreciation on the part of the County for our hard work and trust me, it's coming back to them two-fold by having more satisfied workers who want to continue to do a good job and take pride in their work.

Just to clarify one thing, what I'm seeing more of at Social Services now is the single mom, who is working 2-3 jobs to support her children. No, she doesn't get to spend as much time with them as she would like, but she's out there working, taking care of her children and keeping a roof over their head. If she's managed to find three jobs, your son should be able to find one.


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