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Being married to a current

Being married to a current CFPUA employee and previous City of Wilm employee (been there well over a decade) gives me a bit of a perspective about what's going and the failure on the part of CFPUA executives to recognize that the remaining employees are having to do two or more jobs beyond their duties because a lot of essential positions have gone unfilled.

I'm not talking about the customer service or repair/maintenance. I'm talking about the operations people, the actual ladies and gents who make, treat or test your wastewater and water to make sure you don't die from explosive diarrhea everytime you brush your teeth.

These are people who cannot be easily replaced, as some posters would have you think. These are people with college degrees AND licenses, specialized coursework and specialized training, who do what they do without any recognition whatsoever from the upper management at CFPUA.

Nevermind a bonus... not even a luncheon or gift card or a simple "thank you." Instead, the upper management and the CEO, who has gotten his bonus ...ahem... already contractually obligated to raise... and who gets paid handsomely, cannot even have the cojones to settle this matter once and for all, once again postponing the hot potato to a later time after yet another study which cost money that could have been certainly given to the employees, even if as a $5 gift certificate at McDonalds.

My spouse is looking at other options away from this mess. My spouse has already been told about consolidating positions underneath, so my spouse will have to do those jobs too, on top of everything else, just as benefits are shrinking, pay remains the same and the upper echelons of the organization think more about their pocketbooks than the people they supposedly lead, all while the infrastructure crumbles and people are disgruntled.


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