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just think about it

I am tired of hearing things about CFPUA and how bad they are. I would like to bring your attention to EVERY idem you buy. i.e food,gas,clothes,house hold idems. All of it has doubled or tripled in price in the last 10 years and I haven't yet come across one person calling them complaining. We live in a very greedy and complacent country. It has always been from the beginning of time that there is a man on the throne and everyone else gets shafted. so to the point... Next time you decide to sit on your toilet and push out your next complaint remember who takes care of that problem and supplies you with clean water. The water and sewer that CFPUA took over was neglected for many years by the city and county. They have now had to fix this problem so that we can continue to have good sewer and water systems. I am not taking complete blame of of CFPUA. They average bill for customers is $175 bimonthly and this does not include the big accounts. CFPUA has 67000 water taps and on the low side this means that make $70,350,000 and the average REAL worker at CFPUA makes less than $33,000/yr and I know of many that take home less than $650 biweekly. I don't know about you but that doesn't seem fair that the people cleaning up our sewers and providing us with water make so little of money. The only people at CFPUA making money are the top 30 employee's and the POOR board members and Who even knows if they work at all. I say if the morale is down then they aren't going to do a good job. Bringing up at bonus before christmas and then not giving them one, when all other county and city employee's got one is just Wrong!!!! As far as this reclassification study.. They are just finding another reason not to give the people raises and keep the money for them selves. I say if you don't like it get rid of Matt Jordan and ALL the board members and most of the top 30 that don't do anything anyway..Pay the people that do all the work. What happened to they saying "take care of your employee's and they will take care of you" They pay for all employee's is public info look it up and tell me that the first 30 deserve what they make.


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