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No, the $8,000 raise was not upper management. It was one of those employees who are in the middle of the food chain, not paid so high as to be considered upper management, but not so low as to have to draw food stamps (like some city employees do). This person plays an essential part in the day to day operation of the authority.

"...and you're rates are certainly not going to go down because they've chosen not to give the bonuses." True, but they very probably will go UP if they do give the bonuses (to help pay for them).

Do you really expect anyone to believe your last paragraph B.S. about the single moms? Everyone knows that most of the single moms you're seeing at DSS have kids out of wedlock, live in the projects, choose to get pregnant (and have multiple children) and live on welfare, draw food stamps, and have Medicaid. My taxes help support them.

Don't try to p*ss in my ear and make me think it's rain. I know what's going on there. Free handouts for everyone. And then you try to justify your part in it by force feeding us some B.S. about them working 2-3 jobs. If they worked 2-3 jobs, they wouldn't qualify for much, if anything at all. I'll say it again, bullsh*t.

And yes, there are a lot of people out there that can't find one single job, and my son is one of them. I have people come into my business every single day trying to get employment who have no job at all. I don't make them feel like worthless human beings just because there's a bad economy and they got laid off. If I could hire all of them, I would. But I can't. I'm a small business with a limited number of employees.

My son WILL get a job eventually. That's the difference between him and your "single mom's" (and generations after them) who suck the system dry and taxpayers along with them. Just drive around Wilmington, and you'll see many young, able bodied people who are more than capable of holding down a job, but they're too busy dealing drugs, joining gangs, having babies, and standing in line at Social Services.

I'll say it again.....bullsh*t.


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