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First poster was ignorant

To the first poster on this thread: Since when did you become the expert on lockdown procedures? Isn't it possible that the student, who brought herself via friend to the hospital, gave the police a statement that led them to give the all clear to the school? According to the news, if you saw it, the hospital called the police about the shooting, not the girl. This means that by the time the police even got the student's statement, it was at maybe an hour after the shooting before the school was notified that a shooting took place off campus. As they should, the school hears "shooting", they play it safe. They lock down. When they hear from the police that the lockdown is not necessary, they go back to normal. As it turned out, the school was in good hands and everyone who was ON campus was safe. Looks like the right call was made. So please stop spouting conspiracy theories and calling racism where it doesn't belong. The school did the right thing, and everyone on campus was safe, regardless of race. Take your stopwatch elsewhere, because you are way off base.


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