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I think it's a good tool,

I think it's a good tool, but it needs independent oversight. Those involved in making the call to fly likely have political and financial interests in getting it in the air. I'd like to see WWAY investigate how the pilots and officers are paid - is it salary or do they get call-in and overtime pay? Do they get bonus / differential pay for being certified to fly? How long does it take to get it flying once the call goes out? How long does it take to get to Wilmington once it's in the air? What's the success rate - how many missions result in a successful apprehension vs. missions that yield no results?

And that thing is way too loud. It kept my wife awake for hours one night while they flew around the UNCW campus looking for the armed robber that supposedly ran onto the campus. It can be operated in a quieter manner, but the pilot is either not skilled enough to fly quieter, or just doesn't care.


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