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And the OWS people have proven they are 10X nuttier then Berger

99% (yes said for a reason) of Tea Party folks are not mental head cases like Berger. We the 99% of the tea party are sick and tired of politicans forgetting who the heck pays their salaries and who have to pay the bills they run up. They worry more about maintaining power and pork barrel spending then doing what they should be concerned with which is meeting the requests of the people who elected them and speaking for them instead of their own self-serving needs.. Meanwhile lets see the OWS crowd you talk abotu nut cases.. Lets see multiple accounts of sexual assaults, indecent exposure, drug dealing and possession, outright destruction of public property, failing to abide by any sense of common decency or respect for the law in general(especially with their latest ATTACKS on US ports if anything the OWS crowd better becareful that new law they snuck into the DOD budget means US Citizens can now be denied Habeus Corpus for suspicion of terrorist activites) which means no trial no nothing your hauled off and locked up without any civil rights except 3 meals a day and a 8X8 cell potentially at Gitmo..

On that subject is anybody besides me bothered by this. That both the Republicans and Democrats passed this amendment to allow US Citizens to be denied basic civil rights?? This is something out of the 1930s in Nazi Germany or the embarassment of the Internment camps of the Japanese during WWII.. Im all for dealing with terrorist believe me but it seems we're more focused on destroyed the constitution and molesting little old ladies and children in the airports then we are about properly focusing on likely terror suspects because we're too busy afraid to offend and piss off CAIR which has been shown to be a puppet group for the Muslim Brotherhood and a cousin to Hezbollah itself.. Besides last time I checked the underwear bomber dude got on a plane outside the US when he tried to blow the plane up not in the US so whos to blame there somebody's security not ours..


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