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New Council but will anything change

Somehow I have little faith things will change in Leland at least as far as the PD is concerned until the Feds haul Jayne off in handcuffs. Brenda Bozeman was wishy washy over the whole subject as MPT in the last couple months and I somehow doubt she'll do anythign different. Worse I feel that with Jayne's well known Misogny streak he'll just intimidate the council to keep his job and the town manager well no comment on him.. The excuses Farris gave in parting were milquetoast answers about that nothing could be done and it was complicated (referencing the article in the StarNews from last Sunday) and I stand by my comments. His answers were wimpy and crap.. He chose the cowards way out to just not run for re-election instead of having a backbone to stand up tot he bully Jayne.. So I guess we the citizens of Leland are stuck until the SBI and FBI do the job the town should have done which is get rid of him, in the process and I repeat it from earlier the town may lose its entire PD (which in the case of most like Delapia and the other Jayne 9) wouldnt be a bad thing however it will be bad for the decent officers left and for the town in general who will have to rely on BCSO until the Depts authority is returned if as I suspect it gets stripped due to gross mismanagement by Jayne and lack of oversight by the town itself. (Jayne is accountable to somebody and whoever it is has proven to be repetitively spineless).


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