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Hmm has the option to file for a PIC been considered

PIC is Petition for Involuntary Committment which forces the person to be examine by a physician for medical issues and then a licensed mental health worker to consider the necessity for a 72hr hold. I voted for Berger in 2010 (at the time I was a Wilm resident) but seriously I dont care who he's being a puppet for he's making the puppetmaster look bad indeed. Brian seriously is showing legit signs of Borderline Personality Disorder. The sending of these kind of emails at 5am of all things (which means he probably starting writing them well before) just disturbs me deeply.. Brian please Im begging you man I know you've been seeing a shrink and your on meds well they need to seriously either change or adjust your dosages because your seeming more irrational then previously. My guess is he's on Seroquel or something similar along with possible Paxil or Prozac could be the Seroquel or whatever Atypical Anti-pyschotic he's taking isnt strong enough or is having the opposite effect (based on his History Id dare say its the former vs later). I suspect a special election will becoming to NHC because this isnt tenable. Brian you've marginalized yourself and basically whatever good you were doing or trying to do is hopeless at this point because of exactly the points made. You've proven time and time again your personal issues are deeply affecting your ability to represent the people who voted for you and because of it if you do manage to hold out till 2014 your going to have zero chance to be re-elected and another crony like Sid Causey could end up with your seat because of it. Im gonna be as nice as I can abotu this but you need to get your head out of your rear and back in the game before its too late (if its not already) if not then its going to be a long 3 yrs for you and the rest of us who believed in you back in 2010 and whos support a majority of whom will not back you again.


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