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looking for help for a friend

Hi my name is sonia, i am writing to see if i can get any help for a good friend how just lost her baby boy but has 4 other friend was going to have her baby on the 5th of this month.when she want to the hospital so they can induce her labor,they notice no heart beat.when they did an ultrasound the realize the baby was baby..she has been tell her doctor to induce her labor since she was 37 weeks do to the fact her baby was a big baby already but the doctor was going to do it then he said no.the hospital said the reason for the baby dead was,when the baby was smaller he muct of did a flip till the point that the umbilical want into a circle and made a not so as the baby was growing the not was getting tier.if her doctor where of listen to her,the baby will be alive was her day to give birth but instread today was the day that she had to put her baby to rest..she has 4 other kids in which she cant buy them christmas gifts now..if you can help her in any way it will be very greatful..gril is 9 years old,boy 6,boy 5,and boy 3..she is in so much pain as a mommy for what has happen to her baby boy..
thank you so much


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