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(Quote): "The cop, who the

"The cop, who the town says was Ofc. Casey Simpson of the North Topsail Police Department, told Shannon's fiance he was called to the area to look for a suspicious person.

"He actually told my fiance he went up there to see what a person would be looking at, and now he knows what that is," Shannon said." (Unquote)

Hold on WWAY...better wait and see if this officer was actually dispatched out there as he said he was and for what he says he was, and see if the Chief didn't fire this officer prematurely to keep it from becoming a "Cold Case File" in the eyes of the public.
I would hate to think that in a situation where police were (i.e.) on surveillance, or "stake out", that if part of their process involved them witnessing an individual dressing or undressing from eye shot range or otherwise winds up costing them their jobs due to some half story news reporting.
Let the S.B. I. make its decision then report this story WWAY.

Quote: " "I started off in a towel, and then I changed into my bra and panties, and then I just sat down on my bed and started doing my make-up and blow drying my hair," Caitlin said." (Unquote)
Now you have the male readers here letting their imagination run wild WWAY.
Bad reporting and cheap...and one of these days stories printed such as this is going to come back and haunt a media group if they are premature or dead wrong.
I read a report such as this one and it reminds me of news stories where the media states..."Our area is doing better then most other areas in the country in this recession"...and then a week or 2 later it runs a story on how unemployment is up here, and homes sales down or flat.
"The Emperor's New Clothes"....HA!!


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