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An enraged mother

I'm sure it comes as a shock to you since you know Mr. Simpson, so of course it is natural to stand up for him. I will ask you this...what part of DOING HIS JOB entailed going up onto my daughter's second floor deck, CLEARLY seeing NO ONE was around on this deck, then deciding to CROUCH DOWN and WATCH her as she was getting dressed through the blinds on her sliding glass doors?!?! dog is barking, my fiance has started his vehicle, the lights are on INSIDE our house because we are getting ready for work and my children are getting ready for school...all of this and this Police Officer (at the time) has not once knocked on the door to let us know he is going up onto our property, nor does he hear my fiance's boots clomping up the stairs in the back that lead to my daughter's room (as he goes to investigate why our dog is acting so weird and barking so much)...through ALL of this he CONTINUES to watch our daughter as he is CROUCHED DOWN mind you, with his face glued to her sliding glass doors.

I'm sorry, but your definition of "A local law enforcement officer was doing his job, serving his community, as far as I'm concerned...investigating suspicious activity at a home" is far different than mine and most other people's. He had NO REASON to be up there to begin with, especially after seeing the area was clear, and definitely NO REASON to be crouched down and watching my daughter the way he was. Suspicious indeed. Sadly my children are now traumatized and are afraid to be in their own home, in their own someone who was supposed to be the EPITOME of our community, sworn to provide safety and protection.

I HOPE you have children of your own...go take a close look at them in their rooms, now pretend they have sliding glass doors and that someone is crouched down and watching them through that glass. Now tell me how you would feel catching that person red-handed in the act...and tell me what you would say to your children to try to help them feel safe in that room when they want to sleep next to you...or on the couch because they are too terrified to sleep in their OWN beds.

I am SICKENED by all of this, and I am extremely proud of the way our police department has handled this so far. I pray for mercy on this man's soul and hope he has learned his lesson and that he stays away from minor children from this point forward.

God Bless You for your loyalty to your friend, but I hope you NEVER have to experience what my family has gone through due to his actions.


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