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This place is nothing but a

This place is nothing but a death trap its a little house sitting on a dirt road that is only one way in and one way out. How can you say this place is not a club? Its call the "AFTER CLUB SPOT" people always go there just about every weekend around 2:00am and leave around 6:00am. The only thing that change about this place is the DeeJay and the admission price. They NEVER check ID, they sell Alcohol, & Fried Chicken. Only thing this place care about is MONEY. The owners of this Daycare, Club, After Club Spot whatever you want to call this place really need to be held accountable.
I remember the first time I went to "THE RANCH" it was about 2yrs old. When we got arrived there was a few guys standing on this dirt road. They stopped the car two of the guys searched the cars and other guy was the money man and the other two search the men coming to the club. There was not a girl bouncer so the girls didnt get searched. There was soo many people in this LITTLE house. I felt like i was going to pass out & was unsafe so me and my boyfriend left. On the way out we had to wait for them to search the other cars before we could leave since its only one road to this place. I guess things have changed since then. I went back to this place this summer and the only thing that changed was NO ONE or NO car was searched. This place is a NIGHTMARE.
My prayers go out to the family that lost their love one. To those young girls that were out there remember you are still young and you have a life to live. Stop trying to grow up so fast the clubs and parties will still be there when you are of age to go and when you are fine another place to go have fun.


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