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You have to go

Mr. Berger, when you ran I was hoping that you would be a newcomer that would step in to the "good ole boys" network and do some straightening out of the people who are elected. Something happened and now you have not only become a joke, but you are making people focus on you and the other nitwits in office and are not producing anything worthwhile. You need to suck up, be a man, and resign.

The sad thing is that when Jason ran, he ran on a platform of going in and taking care of things and getting it straightened out, but he has become a big problem also. It is total ego!!!!!!!

As for the other nitwits up there, your day is coming also. You don't have the people that voted for you best interests in mind. It has become a political rope pulling, see who wins, situation. All of you need to step aside and get someone in there that is concerned about the people instead of themselves.


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