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Vote Out Charles Warren

OMG go to the video and see this Clown in action. His comments are incoherent. He derides Pat Sykes at her swearing in to be a DSS board member. Pat Sykes is sent by the DSS board to Hickory on training by the State as to the responsibilities and functions of a DSS board. She returns and Charles Warren says that she is now "more trouble". EXCUES ME MR WARREN, but that statement is pure baloney. He then accuses the Remaining County Commissioners of things that they never did and then when they disagree with his comments he accuses them of being RASIST.
Charles Warren serves no one in his current positions. When he runs out of arguments or is disagreed with, he plays the race card (all that he has left). He must believe that any challenge to him is in some way RACSIT. He is in fact the most dangerous of all in public office. He does not deserve one single vote in the up coming election.


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