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Jimmy, first may I ask you

Jimmy, first may I ask you to forgive me for allowing myself to be mis-understood.

Among items that we need to straighten out among us is that I am a 55 year old somewhat over-weight male with a crap attitude... What possessed you to refer to me as "Ma'am"?

I am most aware that Brunswick County is much bigger than Leland and "Belleville"... Here's somethin' quick to solve a problem. Leland should move in and eat BellEville.... You may get some indigestion for doing this accompanied by nausea and explosive diarrhea but that will pass with time. At the end of the day Leland will have some more tax ratables.

Most unfortunately, recent political news from Columbus County east to the ocean (thank God it ends here) is that there is material in existence to script a television reality show that will dig deeper than the depths of stupidity of "Teen Mom"... Some of these southeast NC hijinks could even make "Jersey Shore" seem intelligent.


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