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Drama???? LOL!!!!

""I'm not one for making scenes, and I don't like drama, but the law is the law, and America is a nation of laws not men," Berger said after leaving the meeting."

Now, that statement made me laugh until I cried.

#1: He doesn't like making scenes? Well, what the heck was that at the DSS meeting? He knew he was voted off the board, yet here he comes, EARLY at that, and sits down in a seat he no longer belongs to just to make a point?

#2: He's the bigging drama king I have seen in a long time. Buy some popcorn and soda and enjoy the show folks.

#3: Ummmm, excuse me, but America is a nation of men AND women who wrote the laws. I don't know about you, but I feel the laws were written for us all to guard our liberties, protect us from harm, and prosecute those who have broken them. In what way does removing someone who is distracting to the DSS board by their habitual tardy manner change that? You know, if I was habitually late to work, I would be let go. There are plenty of people out there that would gladly take my place and make sure they are on time.


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