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I'm sorry Marissa, I am the spokesperson for the Authority and don't remember getting a call from you about this. I would have gladly provided you the information you requested and will attempt to fill in some gaps via this response. Ultimately, as some of your other comments indicate, the drilling of wells is the choice of the individual. CFPUA does not regulate wells; that is a function of NH Co and the state. There is some larger scale impact to aquifers that should concern all when ground water for drinking purposes is depleted for irrigation, and because of those concerns CFPUA with other regional providers have been having discussions about long term solutions, even featured front page in a recent story via another media outlet. As for the price you pay, the rate structure is set to cover the true cost of providing water and paying for the associated infrastructure. The expansion of our infrastructure to serve peak periods of consumption for example during heavy irrigation months is extremely costly; our Sweeney Drinking Water facility expansion to serve June, July and August costs you and other rate payers in the range of $85 million dollars. If high water users pay less for the water they use, the difference has to be made up somewhere and that may mean higher rates for about 88% of our customers who never leave the first tier. The Board thus far has not adopted that kind of rate change. And the rate increases are attributable to inherited projects and debt from the City and County. The capital budget (project and maintenance debt) has driven every rate increase you've thus far experienced while CFPUA staff has cut the operating budget (the $ to do the work on an increased # of projects) they’ve cut it by some $5 million each year for a total of just over $15 million since we opened our doors.


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