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Since when is a teacher "holier" than, say...

a doctor who has patients in his waiting room five hours earlier? A dentist or surgeon scheduled for a procedure? A nurse pulling another double shift? If you're going to call out a teacher for making this kind of mistake, why not medical professionals? And why stop there - truck and taxi cab drivers, pre-school instructors, food service professionals, nuclear plant employees. Let's be honest; the ONLY reason TV3 highlighted this teacher's stupid mistake was because they were tipped off by someone...there was no "investigative reporting" involved... just a pissed off parent, co-worker of ex-boyfriend who held a grudge against this woman. And the media played right into their hands. Of the 80+ people busted during the latest DUI roundups, at least 30% were white-collar professionals - maybe more. If TV3 is going to use someone's profession as the litmus test for their decision to highlight an arrest, their current method of prioritizing their coverage is greatly flawed.


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