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Guest1122111 - we didn't go

Guest1122111 - we didn't go prying into her closets to see what kind of skeletons she has. We reported a story on someone who broke the law last week.

We covered a woman who not only had an accident - who not only admitted to texting while driving - who not only had been drinking before she chose to get behind the wheel - who not only blew a .13 - but who also blew a .13 less than eight hours before she was to report to work to teach elementary school kids.

That's not a skeleton - that's a problem that was committed in public.

What if SHE had been the victim of a drunk driver? This community would be up in arms, demanding that we hang the drunk immediately.

What if she had hit YOUR family member or someone YOU loved and hurt them badly?

I get that many of our readers are emotional about this story. And I get that there were a number of other DWI's that night - and it appears that we are singling her out.

The truth is, we got a tip that it happened and we felt that because she was a teacher, the community has higher expectations of her than some of her peers in society. So we felt that it was newsworthy.


Scott Pickey
WWAY News Director


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