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Mob Mentality?

There's no mob mentality here. Just a group of law abiding people who believe teachers shouldn't be singled out as exempt from public information regarding committed crimes. Yes, it's a crime to drink and drive (and text while driving) in the State of North Carolina.

If she gets fired, she brought it on herself. WWAY didn't make her take that drink and then get in her car, and they didn't make her text while she was driving. She chose to do it, knowing it was an illegal activity. She could have killed someone...she's really lucky that she didn't.

I know that if I drive drunk and get arrested, I'll lose my license. I'm sure she knows the same thing. But she chose to risk her job anyway. Why should she be held any less accountable just because she's a teacher? That's certainly a position that requires MORE accountability, not less.

No, I've never driven drunk or even considered it. Law abiding citizens don't drink and then drive. I value my life, other people's lives and property, and my job too much to risk it.

If you want to see the other DUI's, check out the Star News website. They show pictures and names. It's public information.


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