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Uh, ya missed the point...

She made a mistake and she broke the law. She should, and will, pay for her crimes. I have no problems with her facing the maximum possible penalties for drinking & driving, as well as texting while driving. The issue we were trying to highlight is WWAY's (lack of) journalistic rationale for singling out this one, lone person in their news coverage. I took a quick look at the StarNewsOnline mugshot database for the last two weeks, and as a lifelong Wilmington resident, I was surprised to see the following; a volunteer firefighter, a local lawyer, a Brunswick County government employee, a local paralegal, three people in the local food industry, a pre-school teacher, a home schooling mother and no less than six college-aged students. Again - why was she singled out? Probably because a co-worker, ex-friend or someone with a grudge called the television station - again, they HAD to be tipped off. Students in our local school system deal with peers selling drugs, "sext-ing', binge drinking. That's where examples are seen and set. Teachers, by in large, show up ready to work and educate - you're ignorant if you think highlighting this arrest on a television website will ever be seen by one of her students.


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