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What if

You guys are killing me with the "what if" hypothetical doomsday scenarios, "what if" she had killed someone etc.... well she didn't. We can look at any situation and take the worst possible conclusion and say what if. What if the next time you're driving and talking on your cell phone you hit a pedestrian? What if you're driving 5 mph over the speed limit and cause a fatal accident? What if the next time you cut a corner, make the smallest mistake, or have the slightest lapse of judgement it ends up resutlting in the worst case scenario? It is completely pointless to harp on "what if", deal with the facts of what actually happened and leave it at that. If you thought this was newsworthy because she's a teacher and her behavior on the night in question may be indicative of what type of teacher she may be or may diminish her effectiveness as an educator then maybe you should take the time to interview some parents of children in her class who can shed some light on the issue.


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