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Crackheads and other cracked people

Well see, this is not really about addiction. Some of the best people I know are addicts.

Part of the problem is our government. The problem revolves around the fact that everything is an addiction. The government wants to call everything a war. "A war on crime." (give the cops enough money to do their jobs."
"A war against old men." ( Send us some young or middle aged women.)

"A war against old women." Send them some young guys.

I happen to be addicted to reading books. I also happen to be addicted to beer and wine. I do not drink when I am reading books. Too much trouble to go back the next day and reread.

So addictions meet reality. In my building I frequently wake up at 3 AM and smell unfamiliar things. There are four apartments here. I do not know what that smell is.

I do not care! My neighbors know me. They respect me. Unless they set the house on fire- I do not care what they smoke.


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