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dress code

The dress code currently in place in the New Hanover County school system is more than sufficient to address any issues related to inappropriate dress...the schools and parents just need to ENFORCE it. School systems try to promote uniform policies by referring to studies that claim improved scores after uniform codes are implemented. However, according to a teacher I know who has researched this issue, all of those studies were of schools that had also implemented other programs such as tutoring or other extra help. The one study where the only variable was the uniform policy...scores went down. This doesn't even account for the additional expense for people who can often barely afford "regular" clothes. I am not one who buys my kids clothing at expensive stores...we're WalMart, Target, JC Penny, Kohl's, Rack Room. The additional expense of specific type and color clothing is a BURDEN. And why in the world do they want to restrict to certain colors? I can see wanting kids to dress nice, but to make them all into little carbon copies of each other is just ridiculous. Just another way for government, in the form of the school system, to have more control over our everyday lives if you ask me.


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